Multiple Production Bases

Multi-production bases provide options for customers from different countries. Customers can base on their own location, tariff, product characteristic etc. to make use of the advantages on different factories. This is a risk management to maintain a stability of supply. No matter there is natural disaster, tariff war or import restriction, Chun Hing can provide options and solutions for you.

Research & Development

Chun Hing’s strength is not limited to production & services, R&D is our main part to connect between customers and us. Our professional team in Shenzhen targets to create new production procedures for reducing cost and develop new products with customers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The concept of environmental protection has long been applied to various industries, packaging is a necessity in life. So, the introduction of Eco-friendly materials is a social responsibility of Chun Hing.There are different advantages of using decomposable materials, biodegradable materials, recycling resin, etc. Chun Hing provides solutions to balance functionality of products, environmental protection and cost to meet customers’ needs.