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Recycled Stone powder paper bags are more environmentally friendly than non-woven bags

Whether a plastic bag or an eco-bag, both are difficult to decompose naturally after being disposed. It may increase the burden of the environment.  In recent year,   manufacturers in this industry have been actively developing new technologies and material to replace traditional plastic bag.  Among these, Chun Hing Manufacturing Limited has developed a new product, Stone Powder Paper Bag, which can provide a new option for customers.

Inspired by synthetic paper from Japan and European production technology, Chun Hing Manufacturing Limited studied the method to combine the natural stone powder, recycled rubber material and synthetic paper. This method can obtain the environmental protection material to produce the stone powder paper bag.

Different from general shopping bags, stone powder paper bags use natural mineral “stone powder” and recycled rubber as the materials, the texture feels like the mixture of plastic bag and paper bag. Recently, the development process is getting mature, and the cost is getting lower, the selling price is lower than general eco bag. Also, the produce process can truly achieve the purpose of ‘reduction’, which is reduce the number of cutting trees and use of plastic.  Comparing with paper bag, this new product doesn’t need to blenching; comparing with eco bag, this new product uses less plastic. Therefore, this stone powder bag is suitable for current market that emphasizes environmental protection.

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