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Decomposable Material: Corn Material (PLA)

Compared with human beings, Plastic bags have ‘longer life span’, which has caused many environmental problems. But in recent years, there are many new plastics on the market that can be decomposed. 

PLA is made from plant starch which is different from traditional plastics that come from the distillation and polymerization of non-renewable oil and natural gas. The raw material of PLA is from renewable resource, such as corn starch. The biggest feature of this raw material is that it can be decomposed. PLA is named “Bioplastics”, it could also be called polylactic acid.  

The process of decomposed  

PLA will naturally decompose into carbon dioxide and water when composted. Since PLA is a bioplastic, it can reduce CO2 emissions during petrochemical production process and the amount of solid waste. The process of decomposed will not cause harm to the environment. 

The feature of PLA 

As a biodegradable biomass material, PLA is a natural resource. However, why is it not widely used even there is no concern on lack of materials.  

Since the decomposition of PLA mainly depends on the humidity and temperature of the environment, the duration of delivery and the length of storage time will affect the life span of PLA plastic bags. For the places in tropical area, the plastic may start the process of decomposition secretly, such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia. Some of solve this problem, it can only be controlled in production. 

There are no different from ordinary plastic bags in use. However, PLA is made of corn, the plastic bags will have slight sweetness which is not suitable for food packaging. In terms of texture, PLA will be relatively heavy, but the texture is softer, which is closer to the texture of CPE. 

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