Social Responsibility

Plan International Hong Kong

On 20th August 2016, Plan International Hong Kong organized the ‘Fun Fun Games Charity Day’, In addition to sponsoring and making souvenir bags for the event, Team of Chun Hing also participate in the event.

There are 6 team games in this activity, which can evaluate the teamwork. Also, the adults can experience children’s games from the developing countries. Children can be educated and played with parents at the same time. It turns out that games without electronic products are interesting too. For example, ‘Legend of Fire’, requires three people cooperating with each other to transport balloons; ‘Walk with Children’, paving a road for the next generation; ‘Everyone united helping Children’, adults play the role of giants and become a strong backing for the children.

With the chemistry and involvement of our team, Chun Hing unexpectedly won the third place. However, having fun and charity are more important than the competition. Through this activity, the participants can play with children and educate them at the same time. The most important is that, we can help the children in Cambodia, making a contribution to charity!

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