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The Advantages of Courier Bag

Online shopping has gradually become a major of the retail industry. In the online world, your product is the only way to reach customers. Although your products are important, how to use courier bags to package your products is also an important part.

General Courier Bag

For merchants, cost is one of the considerations for operating an online store. If you have cost concerns but want to deliver the products safely to customers, you can use general courier bags. Generally, courier bags use three-layer extrusion material, no ink, and no decolorization. Different color inside and outside, which is light proof to protect customers’ privacy.

Die Cut Handle Courier Bag

Some customers will take the products from the self-pick-up spot. For the convenience of customers, you can choose courier bags with die cut handle. For customers, this kind of courier bag can help them pick up the courier home. Professional packaging company will remind the customer about some precautions. For example, during the pandemic period, the customers will always use the instant hand sanitizer. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the printing on the die cut handle, which can avoid the discoloration on the hands of the customers.

Bubble Courier Bag

If the goods you are selling are fragile, such as glass, lenses, etc., courier bag with bubble could be a double protection. The merchants and the customers do not need to worry about the product will be ruined in the transportation process. Also, it can increase the customer confidence to the store.

Double Adhesive Tape (with/without Perforated Tear-off line)

Some of the shop will provide the services of trade-in or policy of free exchange in 7 days. The customers sometime may need to return or exchange the problem, it is more convenient to use a double-adhesive tape courier bag. Different tape for different situation. The double-adhesive courier bag can be used twice. Therefore, it is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also convenient for customers and merchants. Since the customer can use the same courier bag to return the product, merchants can also reduce the additional administrative cost of verifying information.

The Features of different kinds of Tape

Courier bags will use different stickers or glues for different environments and product characteristics. For example: temperature or humidity will affect the effectiveness of glue, different thickness and material of the courier bag will cause different the speed of glue penetration. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the needs of the customers before production, in order to use the corresponding and suitable tape or glue.

According to different needs and different environments, Chun Hing currently provides different types of courier bags for customers to choose. If you are interested in buying and making your own company’s courier bags, you are welcome to contact us

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